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Table 3 Summary of reported cases of hepatocellular carcinoma initially presented with extrahepatic metastases

From: Extrahepatic metastases as initial manifestations of hepatocellular carcinoma: an Egyptian experience

Authors name Year of publication No of patients Age range (Median) Male/Female Pattern of growth of HCC Metastatic anatomic region
Liaw et al. [20] 1989 20 26–64 (50) 16/4 Predominantly trabecular pattern Spines, ribs, skull, scapula, pelvis, long bone, sternum, clavicle.
Uka et al. [22] 2007 151 21–82 (64) 117/34 Not mentioned Lung, lymph nodes, bones, adrenal gland, peritoneum, pancreas, nasal passages.
Yoo et al. [21] 2011 251 18–85 (51) 212/39 Not mentioned Lung, lymph node, bones, adrenal gland, others.
The present study 2015 47 40–80 (60) 38/9 Predominantly mixed pattern Bones, lymph nodes , soft tissue, omentum, maxillary sinus, adrenal gland, brain, skin.