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Table 1 Antibody for immunohistochemical reaction

From: Immune microenvironment as a factor of breast cancer progression

Antibody Host Clone Dilution Cellular localization
ERα Rabbit SP1 1:200 Nuclear
PR Rabbit YR85 1:150 Nuclear
HER2/neu Rabbit SP3 1:100 Membrane
E-cadherin Rabbit 67A4 1:100 Membrane
Hsp90α Rabbit Polyclonal 1:200 Cytoplasmic and nuclear
Bcl-2 Mouse 100/D5 1:100 Cytoplasmic
CD3 Rabbit SP7 1:150 Membrane
CD79 α Rabbit SP18 1:200 Membrane
S100 Mouse 4C4.9 1:150 Cytoplasmic
Myeloperoxidase Rabbit Polyclonal 1:100 Cytoplasmic