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Table 1 Clinicopathologic Features of 3 metastastic lung tumor of the ameloblastoma

From: Malignant ameloblastoma (metastatic ameloblastoma) in the lung: 3 cases of misdiagnosis as primary lung tumor with a unique growth pattern

Case No Age (year) Clinical manifestation Imaging manifestation Side of the lung tumor Tumor size of the lung tumor Intervals between the primary ameloblastoma and matastasis to lung Local recurrence in oral Follow-up
1 52 mild chest pain for one month multiple nodules bilateral A few mm to 2 cm 14 years no 57 months
2 48 routine examination after ameloblastoma local recurrence multiple nodules bilateral, mainly in the right lung A few mm to 2 cm 19 years The first and sencond local recurrence was 5 and 19 years after the oral surgery, respectively 53 months
3 44 mild chest pain for 10 days multiple nodules bilateral A few mm to 1.8 cm 10 years no 9 months
  1. mm: millimeters; cm: centimeters