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Table 1 Restriction enzyme and primer sequences of IL-8 SNPs

From: Association between interleukin 8–251 T/A and +781 C/T polymorphisms and glioma risk

Gene and SNP Enzyme Forward primer Reverse primer Product
IL-8 -251 A/T MfeI 5′-TCATCCATGATCTTGTTCTAA-3′ 5′-GGAAAACGCTGTAGGTCAGA-3′ T/T: 542 bp; A/A: 450 bp, 92 bp
IL-8 + 781 C/T EcoRI 5′-CTCTAACTCTTTATATAGGAATT-3′ 5′-GATTGATTTTATCAACAGGCA-3′ T/T: 203 bp; C/C: 184 bp, 19 bp