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Table 1 Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) clones used to prepare FISH probes

From: A p16-Ki-67-HMB45 immunohistochemistry scoring system as an ancillary diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of melanoma

BAC clone Chromosomal locus Labelling Probes sets
RP11-61O16 RREB1 (6p25) Spectrum Red N°1
RP11-323 N12 MYB (6q23.3) Spectrum Green N°1
RP11-1007G14 HRAS (11p15.5) Spectrum Red N°2
RP11-156B3 CCND1 (11q13.3) Spectrum Green N°2
RP11-440 N18 C-MYC (8q24.1) Spectrum Red N°3
RP11-1084C20 POTEA (8p11.1) Spectrum Green N°3
RP11-478 M20 CDKN2A (9p21.3) Spectrum Red N°4
RP11-959B21 GNAQ (9q21.2) Spectrum Green N°4