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Table 3 Selection of stronger emerging themes for WSIa

From: Cytopathology whole slide images and adaptive tutorials for senior medical students: a randomized crossover trial

Themes Response rate: N (%)
Not enough to learn from in isolation – need VMATs or other 22 (13)
Convenient (at home, in-transit, on IPAD) 22 (13)
Intuitive interface /easy to use 17 (10)
Slides need annotations or “on-off” labels 15 (9)
Preference for screener’s marks 15 (9)
Better/easier than glass slides alone 14 (8.3)
Valuable or high impact learning 13 (7.7)
Equity of training 12 (7)
Resolution is good 10 (6)
Incorporate function to practice locator skills on slide and approach to a slide 9 (5)
  1. aComments containing multiple themes were given by many participants
  2. Abbreviations: WSI whole slide images