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Table 2 Clinical findings of the lesions

From: Serous carcinoma arising from uterine adenomyosis/adenomyotic cyst of the cervical stump: a report of 3 cases

  Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Age (yr) 64 55 55
History of pregnancy G2P2 G1P1 G2P1
History of cancer N N N
Familial history of cancer N N Her father died of lung cancer.
Clinical presentation Left low abdominal pain Postmenopausal vagina bleeding Vaginal bleeding
Serum tumor biomarkers Normal CA125, CA199 & CA153 CA199: 89.8 IU/mL; Normal CA125 ND
Imaging findings Endometrium 0.2 cm; A mass in the left parametrium; A cyst in the left adnexus Endometrium 0.22 cm; Uterine leiomyomas A mass in the cervical stump and a cyst in the left ovary
Treatment TAHBSO + complete staging surgery TAHBSO + complete staging surgery Radical resection of the cervical stump + BSO + complete staging surgery
Postoperative chemotherapy Y Y N
Status of follow-up (time) Recent case Recent case Alive with no evidence of cancer (44 months)
  1. Abbreviations: N no, Y yes, ND not done, BSO bilateral salpingo-oophorectmy, TAHBSO total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectmy