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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of benign glandular lesions in the vagina

From: Benign intestinal glandular lesions in the vagina: a possible correlation with implantation

  Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Age (yr) 64 8 52
Gestation & parity G2P2 G0P0 G4P3
History of disease Severe laceration No Severe laceration
Clinical presentation An incomplete incontinence of feces Vaginal bleeding An incomplete incontinence of feces
Vaginal Location Lower posterior wall Posterior wall Lower posterior wall
Surgery Vaginal polypectomy; LEEP Vaginal polypectomy Removal of the endometrial polyp and leiomyoma; repair of the perineal laceration and the posterior vaginal wall
Gross findings (size) Polypoid mass (3.5*2.5*1.0 cm) Polypoid mass (1.5*1.2*0.5 cm) Unremarkable vaginal wall (3*2*0.4 cm)
Histopathological findings Rectal mucosal prolapse-like polyp Rectal mucosal prolapse-like polyp Intestinal-type adenosis
Other findings CINII Rectovaginal fistula Endometrial polyp; submucosa leiomyoma