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Table 3 Endoscopic findings of duodenum, intestine and colorectum in reported cases of MEITL

From: Multiple lesions of gastrointestinal tract invasion by monomorphic epitheliotropic intestinal T-cell lymphoma, accompanied by duodenal and intestinal enteropathy-like lesions and microscopic lymphocytic proctocolitis: a case series

Case no. Age/gender Locations and endoscopic findings References
1 77/M Duodenum: Edematous mucosa [14]
   Jejunum: Mass with circumferential ulcers  
2 56/M Sigmoid colon: Edematous mucosa, multiple discrete ulcers [14]
   Rectum: Edematous mucosa, multiple discrete ulcers  
3 63/F Ileum: Edematous mucosa [15]
   Appendix: Submucosal tumor-like mass  
4 52/F Jejunum: Edematous mucosa [16]
   Ileum: Shallow circumferential ulcers  
5 65/M Jejunum: Widespread white granular villi [17]
6 70/M Jejunum: Edematous mucosa, fusion on villi, multiple small shallow ulcers [18]
7 60/M Duodenum: Fine granular patterns with ulcers [19]
   Jejunum: Fine granular patterns with ulcers  
   Ileum: Edematous mucosa, circumferential ulcers  
8 16/M Ileocecum: Multifocal irregular ulcers [20]
9 62/M Duodenum: Huge ulcer [20]
10 54/M Jejunum; Multiple discrete ulcers [21]
11 71/M Ascending colon: Huge ulcerated tumor [22]
   Left side colon: Ordinary-looking mucosa  
12 67/M Cecum: Hyperemic, thickened mucosa with central ulcer [23]
   Descending colon: Fresh-like flat thickened lesion  
13 50/M Ileum: Circumferential shallow ulcers [23]
   Ascending colon: An ulcerative lesion with hyperemic edematous mucosa  
14 48/M Jejunum: Diffuse mucosal thickening and nodularity with multiple shallow ulcers [23]
15 55/F Jejunum: Encircling ulcer, edematous mucosa with innumerable fine granular elevations and shallow ulcers [23]
  1. M Male, F Female