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Table 1 Clinicopathological and cytogenetic data on the cellular angiofibromas

From: Loss of chromosome 13 material in cellular angiofibromas indicates pathogenetic similarity with spindle cell lipomas

Cases Sex/Age Site Depth Largest diameter (cm) Immunohistochemistry Karyotype
1 M/59 Paratesticular Subcutaneous 5.5 CD34 Positive 45,XY,add(5)(p13~15),-7,der(13)t(1;13)(q12~21;q14~21),-14,der(16)t(7;16)(q11;q22),del(18)(q21),+mar[9]/46,XY[2]
S100 Negative
ER Negative
PGR Negative
2 M/79 Scrotum Subcutaneous 7 CD34 Positive 46,XY,t(10;15)(p13;q22),del(13)(q12q22)[15]
S100 Negative
ER Focal positive (20%)
PGR Focal positive (10%)