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Table 2 Details of the antibodies used in this study

From: Immunohistochemistry of sarcolemmal membrane-associated proteins in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded skeletal muscle tissue: a promising tool for the diagnostic evaluation of common muscular dystrophies

Antibody Manufacturer Clone Dilution for frozen section Dilution for FFPE section
Spectrin Novocastra RBC2/3D5 1:200 1:20
Dystrophin (rod domain) Novocastra Dy4/6D3 1:100 1:20
Dystrophin (C-terminus) Novocastra Dy8/6C5 1:100 1:50
Dystrophin (N-terminus) Novocastra Dy10/12B2 1:50 1:20
α-sarcoglycan Novocastra AD1/20A6 1:200 1:50
β-sarcoglycan Novocastra bSarc1/5B1 1:200 1:50
γ-sarcoglycan Novocastra 35DAG/21B5 1:50 1:20
β-dystroglycan Novocastra 43DAG/8D5 1:300 1:20
Dysferlin Novocastra Ham1/7B6 1:50 1:20