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Table 6 Immunohistochemistry staining of each domain of dystrophin using FFPE muscle sections in previous studies

From: Immunohistochemistry of sarcolemmal membrane-associated proteins in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded skeletal muscle tissue: a promising tool for the diagnostic evaluation of common muscular dystrophies

Studies Dystrophin IHC staining using FFPE muscle sections
Rod domain (DYS1) C-terminus (DYS2) N-terminus (DYS3)
Present study Successful Successful Unsuccessful
Hoshino et al. 2000 [17] Successful Successful Unsuccessful
Sheriffs et al. 2001 [18] Successful Successful Successful
Sajid et al. 2010 [19] Not performed Successful Not performed
  1. IHC immunohistochemistry