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Table 2 Summary of previously reported intracranial tanycytic ependymoma in the literature

From: Cerebellar ependymoma with overlapping features of clear-cell and tanycytic variants mimicking hemangioblastoma: a case report and literature review

Author Year No. of cases Age/sex Location Follow-up (months) Outcome Recurrence
Friede et al. [24] 1978 4 3.5/M the fourth ventricle NA NA NA
    10/M the fourth ventricle NA NA NA
    34/M the fourth ventricle NA NA NA
    75/F foramen of Monro NA NA NA
Daneyemez et al. [15] 1999 1 42/M right lateral ventricle 36 NED No
Hayashi et al. [16] 2000 1 51/M right frontal lobe 14 NED No
Richards et al. [17] 2004 1 17/M subcortical white matter of the left frontal lobe 13 NED No
Ragel et al. [18] 2005 1 55/F the third ventricle 3 SD No
Zhang et al. [19] 2008 1 38/M right lateral ventricle 8 SD No
Du et al. [23] 2009 1 36/Male Lateral ventricle NA NA NA
Arvanitis et al. [22] 2013 1 40/M lateral ventricle-anterior horn NA NA NA
Agarwal et al. [20] 2014 1 44/F the third ventricle 12 SD No
Kambe et al. [21] 2014 1 2/M right parietal lobe NA NA No
  1. NA not available, NED no evidence of disease, SD stable disease