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Table 3 MS assay sensitivity tested with reference standard DNA using decreasing percentages of mutated alleles

From: Molecular profiling of lung cancer specimens and liquid biopsies using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

  Percentages of the mutated allele
Reference standard 50% 10% 5% 2.5%
EGFR G719A (c.2156 G > C) D D D D
EGFR L861Q (c.1582 T > A) D D ND ND
EGFR T790 M (c.2369C > T) D D D D
KRAS Q61L (c.182 A > T) D D ND ND
BRAF V600E (c. 1799 T > A) D D ND ND
  1. D: detected. ND: not detected