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Table 1 Characteristics of the HPV18-VLP mAbs

From: Development and characterization of an HPV18 detection kit using two novel HPV18 type-specific monoclonal antibodies

MAb Isotypea Epitope recognized Inhibitory concentration (μg/ml) of mAbs against HPV-PsV infection Inhibition ratec
IC50 IC90
1B1 IgG1 Cb 0.039 0.043 48.63%
4C2 IgG1 C 10.000 0.037 33.98%
  1. aantibody isotype, classified by indirect ELISA;
  2. bConformational epitope, confirmed by indirect ELISA;
  3. ctested upon competition experiment of neutralizing serum against antibody in vitro by ELISA