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Table 1 Clinicopathological data for 19 reported cases of Xp11 TRC

From: Melanotic Xp11 translocation renal cancer: a report of a distinctive case and a review of the literature

Sex/Age (Yr) Location Size(cm) Treatment Outcome (Mo) Reference
M/11 L kidney 21.5 Nephrectomy NA 1
F/12 L kidney NA Biopsy DOD/9 1
F/18 R kidney 9.6 Nephroureterectomy NED/3 2
F/30 Kidney 12.5 Nephrectomy NA 3
F/15 R ovary 10.5 Tumorectomy NED/9 4
F/14 Kidney NA NA NA 5
F/34 L kidney 4.8 Partial nephrectomy NED/22 6
F/46 R kidney 5.8 Nephrectomy DOD/24 7
M/35 R kidney 7.0 Nephrectomy DOD/18 7
F/38 L kidney 4.0 Nephrectomy NA 7
F/44 L kidney 4.5 Partial nephrectomy NA 7
F/17 L kidney 5.0 Nephrectomy NA 7
M/25 L kidney 4.0 Nephrectomy NA 7
M/15 L kidney 5.5 Nephrectomy NA 7
M/34 Kidney 9.7 NA NA 8
F/21 Kidney NA NA NA 8
F/18 R kidney 21.5 Nephrectomy Recent case 9
F/36 L kidney 5.2 Nephrectomy NED/6 10
M/36 L kidney 6.0 Nephrectomy NED/84 11
F/44 L kidney 4.5 Nephrectomy NED/113 Present case
  1. Abbreviations: TRC translocation renal cancer; Yr year; Mo month; M male; L left; NA not available; F female; DOD dead of disease; R right; NED no evidence of disease