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Table 1 Important virulence factors found in bacterial outer membrane vesicles

From: Bacterial outer membrane vesicles, a potential vaccine candidate in interactions with host cells based

Parent bacterium Classification Virulence factors Description Putative functions References
Pasteurella multocida Gram negative β-lactamase (only found in Pm12945) OmpA, OmpH, OmpW, Tbp Enzymes Proteins DNA Disease pathogenesis, Deliver drug- resistant gene 16
Myxococcus xanthu Gram negative MepA, Several molecules with antibiotic properties, Hydrolytic enzymes Proteins Enzymes Hydrolytic function, antibiotic activities 17
Bacteroides fragilis Gram negative B.fragilis toxin (BFT). protease toxin packaging and delivery 18
Vibrio cholerae Gram negative VrrA, OmpA RNA, Proteins OMVs regulation 19
Bacillus subtilis Gram positive Lipoproteins, siderophore-binding proteins Proteins biosynthesis 20
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) Gram negative Shiga toxin 2a, cytolethal distending toxin V, EHEC hemolysin, flagellin Proteins cell cycle arrest and pathogenesis 21