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Table 1 Results of immunohistochemical analysis

From: Gastric mixed neuroendocrine-non-neuroendocrine neoplasm (MiNEN) with pancreatic acinar differentiation: a case report

Antibody (clone) M/P Manufacturer Dilution Glandular component Solid (acinar-endocrine) component
Trypsin M EMD Millipore 1:40000 +
BCL10 (331.3) M Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1:200 +
Chromogranin A P Agilent technologies RTU +
Synaptophysin (DAK-SYNAP) M Agilent technologies RTU
CD56 (123C3) M Agilent technologies RTU
  1. M monoclonal antibody, P polyclonal antibody, negative, + positive, RTU ready-to-use