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Table 2 Results of allelic imbalance analyses

From: Gastric mixed neuroendocrine-non-neuroendocrine neoplasm (MiNEN) with pancreatic acinar differentiation: a case report

Markers Location Glandular component Acinar-endocrine component
D1S228 1p36.13 H H
D1S548 1p36.31-p36.23 N N
D5S107 5q14.3 H LOH
D5S299 5q15-q22 H LOH
D5S82 5q21.3 H LOH
D5S346 5q22.2 H H
D8S513 8p11 N N
D8S532 8p12 H LOH
D8S201 8p23.2 H LOH
D11S576 11p15.5 N N
D11S922 11p15.5 H H
D11S1318 11p15.5 N N
D11S5011 11q23.1 N N
D11S5014 11q23.1 LOH LOH
D11S5015 11q23.1 LOH LOH
D11S5017 11q23.1 N N
D11S5018 11q23.1 N N
D11S5019 11q23.1 N N
D11S912 11q24.3 H LOH
D11S969 11q25 LOH LOH
D11S1320 11q25 H N
D18S34 18q12 H H
D18S487 18q21.2 H H
DCC 18q21.2 H H
D22S1140 22q13 H H
D22S1168 22q13 H LOH
D22S274 22q13 H LOH
  1. N not informative, H heterozygosity, LOH loss of heterozygosity