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Table 2 Summary of Clinicopathologic Features of Gastroesophageal Specimens with Multinucleated Stromal Giant Cells

From: Multinucleated stromal giant cells in the gastroesophageal junctional and gastric mucosa: a retrospective study

Site (No.)Common Clinical SymptomsOther Pathologic FeaturesNo. (%)
Gastroesophageal junction (15)GERD; epigastric painGERD-type reactive epithelial changes11 (73%)
Chronic ± acute inflammation8 (73%)
Pancreatic acinar cell metaplasia3 (20%)
Intestinal metaplasia2 (13%)
Stomach (7)Epigastric pain, belching, gastric ulcerReactive (chemical) gastropathy5 (71%)
Chronic inflammation4 (57%)
Acute inflammation2 (29%)
Intestinal metaplasia1 (14%)
  1. Abbreviation: GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease