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Table 3 Clinicopathological features of seven ovarian metastatic lung adenocarcinoma

From: ALK rearrangement: a high-frequency alteration in ovarian metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma

Case Age (years) Smoking history Side Tumor size (cm) Surgery Gross appearance Morphological features Interval time between primary lung cancer and matastasis to ovary and concurrent metastatic sites ALK (D5F3) ALK-FISH EGFRstatus KRAS status Targeted treatment Follow-up
LTO_1 43 N/A U L,11*7*3 TAH-BSO solid, with minor honeycomb cut-section solid 30 m, no concurrent sites Positive Rearrangement Neg. Neg. No 10 m, DOD
LTO_2 39 no B L,4*4*3;R,4*3*2 TAH-BSO and omentectomy solid acinar 5 m, no concurrent sites negative No exon 19 mutation Neg. Gefitinib 13 m, DOD
LTO_3 52 no U L, 21.5*18*8 TAH-BSO Cystic prominent, focal solid area Acinar+solid Synchronous, bone, left supraclavicular lymph node negative No Neg. Neg. No 36 m, alive
LTO_4 50 N/A U L,16*15*6 USO solid and cystic section, focal papillary architeched acinar 6 m, brain and bone Positive Rearrangement Neg. Neg. No 19 m, alive
LTO_5 56 no B R, 8.5*5*4.5;L, 3*2*1 BSO + appendectomy solid, acinar 19 m, bone Positive Rearrangement Neg. Neg. No 22 m, alive
LTO_6 35 no U / TAH-BSO / solid predominant Synchronous, brain and bone Positive Rearrangement Neg. Neg. Crizotinib 24 m, alive
LTO_7 55 no U R, 14*10*9 / Cystic with old dark brown viscous liguid acinar 7 m, liver negative No Neg. Neg. No 8 m, DOD
LTO_8(10) 54 2.5-pack year B R, 2–4.1
L, 2.7–5
BSO / Thick trabeculae or solid nests 1.2 m, brain Positive Rearrangement Neg. Neg. No /
LTO_9[11] 39 1-pack per day B 15 by 10 Left salpingo-oophorectomy+right ovarian cystectomy Half cystic and half solid, filled with old blood in cyst and slightly yellow and white solid tissue with small cysts acinar 20 m, brain / Rearrangement / / / 28 m, alive
LTO_10[12] 50 / B 12.8*12.2*11.7 TAH-BSO Mixed cystic and solid adnexal mass Solid with Intracytoplasmic mucinous and signet-ring cells 39 m, liver and bone / Rearrangement Neg. / Crizotinib /
LTO_11[13] 38 No U L / / / Synchronous, bone / Neg. exon 21 mutation   Erlotinib 24 m, DOD
LTO_12[13] 47 / U R BSO solid solid predominant 20 m, right supraclavicular lymph node / Rearrangement Neg. / Crizotinib 12 m, alive
LTO_13[14] 33 No U L:7.9*6.9 Adnexal mass biopsy solid acinar Synchronous, bilateral supraclavicular lymph node Positive / Neg. / Crizotinib 4 m, alive
LTO_14[15] 41 No U L: 10 Left salpingo-oophorectomy solid acinar 8 m, pleural / Rearrangement Neg. Neg. Crizotinib 10 m, alive
LTO_15[16] 45 No U R:11 TAH-BSO Solid Solid nests with abundant granular and extensive signet ring cell change 48 m, no concurrent sites / / Mutation in lung cancer / / 1 m, DOD
LTO_16[17] 37 No U L: 9*5.8 No resection Mixed solid and cysts Acinar and several signet-ring cells Synchronous, brain Pos. in lung cancer Rearrangment in lung cancer / / Alectinib 20 m, alive
  1. Abbreviation: TAH-BSO total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, m month, N/A not applicable, U unilateral, B bilateral, DOD dead of disease, L left, R Right