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Table 1 Tumor-to-tumor metastasis to ovarian tumor

From: Tumor-to-tumor metastasis from appendiceal adenocarcinoma to an ovarian mature teratoma, mimicking malignant transformation of a teratoma: a case report

Case (year) Age From Ovarian tumor Prognosis
Size (mm) Histology Side  
The present case (2019) 67 Appendiceal adenocarcinoma 55 Mature teratoma Right AWD
Zhang M (2018) 45 Cervical squamous cell carcinoma 81 Endometriotic cyst Left NA
Santos F (2018) 51 Cervical adenocarcinoma 110 Mature teratoma Left NED
Shi L (2015) 41 Gastric signet ring cell carcinoma 100 Granulosa cell tumor Bilateral DOD
Arnould L (2002) 63 Breast carcinoma 185 Granulosa cell tumor Left NED
Kirova YM (1999) 47 Breast carcinoma 80 Mature teratoma Right DOD
Perry LJ (1996) 68 Breast carcinoma 180 Fibroma Right NA
Twaalfhoven FCM (1994) 63 Breast carcinoma 220 Mucinous carcinoma Bilateral NA
Rasmussen RB (1992) 54 Cervical squamous cell carcinoma 54 Serous borderline tumor Right NED
Finn WG (1991) 68 Ileal carcinoid NA Adenocarcinoma Left NA
Rosa GD (1985) 40 Breast carcinoma 90 Thecoma Right NA
Mazur MT (1984) 53 Lung adenocarcinoma NA Granulosa cell tumor Right NA
Smale LE (1980) 37 Breast carcinoma 150 Benign Brenner tumor Bilateral DOD
Hines JR (1976) 53 Breast cystosarcoma phyllodes 150 Benign Brenner tumor Right DOD
  1. Abbreviations: NA not available, AWD alive with disease, NED no evidence of disease, DOD death of disease