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Table 3 Immunohistochemistry results of the previous cases and current case

From: Primordial odontogenic tumor: a case report and literature review

Position Antibody Immunohistochemistry results Positivea (%)
Epithelial cells CK19 Positive (mainly in columnar epithelium) 10/10 (100%)
Vimentin Positive 9/9 (100%)
Mesenchymal tumor cells Vimentin Positive 9/9 (100%)
α-SMA Negative 0/9 (0%)
S-100 protein Negative 0/9 (0%)
  1. a.10 cases were analyzed for CK19 using immunohistochemical analysis, and all cases showed positive results in the tumor epithelium. Vimentin was also 100% positive throughout the tumor in all nine cases in which it was analyzed. α-SMA and S-100 protein were negative in all nine cases