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Table 1 Clinical and histopathological charateristics of the two patients with SRC-FTC

From: Signet ring cell variant of follicular thyroid carcinoma: Report of two cases with focus on morphological, expressional and genetic characteristics

          Immunohistochemical markers
Case no.GenderAge at surgeryFNA diagnosisHisto-pathological diagnosisSRC component (%)Vascular or capsular invasionTumor size (mm)ETEpTNM v8TTF1THYRPAX8CDX2PDX1Ki-67%
1M71Bethesda IVmiFTC> 50Capsular38NopT2Nx+++4
2M51Bethesda IIImiFTC30–50Capsular22NopT2Nx+++1.9
  1. SCR-FTC; follicular thyroid carcinoma with signet ring cell morphology
  2. M male, FNA fine needle aspiration biopsy, miFTC minimally invasive follicular thyroid carcinoma
  3. ETE extrathyroidal extension