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Table 2 Genetic findings using the Oncomine panel for both SRC-FTCs

From: Signet ring cell variant of follicular thyroid carcinoma: Report of two cases with focus on morphological, expressional and genetic characteristics

       In silico prediction 
Case no.GeneVariantChromato-gram allele frequencyLocation / transcriptdbSNPGlobal MAFPredict SNP2CADDDANNFATHMMFunSeq2GWAVATumoral expression (IHC)*
1DDR2c.1505-20C > T50%Intronic: NM_006182.2rs37388070.1048NNNNNDn.d.
1SMAD4c.955 + 58C > T50%Intronic: NM_005359.5rs9485880.06NNNNDDPositive
2ALKc.3451-30C > T47%Intronic: NM_004304.4rs7459328050.00002NNDNDNFocal/weak
2PTENc.209 + 11 T > G69%Intronic: NM_000314.6Not reported0.0DDDDDDPositive
  1. dbSNP; The Short Genetic Variations database
  2. MAF minor allele frequency as listed by the gnomAD (Genome Aggregation Database)
  3. IHC immunohistochemistry
  4. N neutral, D deleterious
  5. n.d. not determined