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Table 3 Diagnostic utility of pathologic markers in mediastinal B-cell lymphomas

From: Comparative pathologic analysis of mediastinal B-cell lymphomas: selective expression of p63 but no GATA3 optimally differentiates primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma from classic Hodgkin lymphoma

Sensitivity (PMLBCL)NPV
AUC (95% CI)p valueDeLong test (p value)
P6384.6%93.8%91.7%88.2%0.892 (0.756, 1.000)< 0.001reference
GATA375.0%100.0%100.0%84.2%0.875 (0.721, 1.000)0.0010.918
IRF4/MUM1100.0%50.0%61.9%100.0%0.750 (0.570, 0.930)0.0230.133
BCL6100.0%56.2%63.2%100.0%0.781 (0.609, 0.954)0.0120.276
CD30100.0%62.5%68.4%100.0%0.813 (0.651, 0.974)0.0040.386
CD2387.5%71.4%63.6%90.9%0.795 (0.595, 0.994)0.0240.745
EBV92.3%6.2%44.4%50.0%0.493 (0.278, 0.708)0.948 
CyclinE100.0%12.5%46.2%100.0%0.563 (0.348, 0.777)0.577 
Granuloma23.1%100.0%100.0%61.5%0.615 (0.402, 0.828)0.293 
Alveolar fibrosis100.0%75.0%76.5%100.0%0.875 (0.739, 1.000)0.0010.844
  1. CHL classic Hodgkin lymphoma; NS, nodular sclerosis; PMLBCL; primary mediastinal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; NPV negative predictive value; PPV positive predictive value; AUC area under the receiver operating characteristics