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Table 2 Summary of clinical and immunohistochemical findings of previously reported and present cases of MELTVRs

From: Myoepithelioma-like tumor of the vulvar region: a case report in China and review of the literature

AuthorAgeSize (mm)Immunohistochemical findingsRMPrognosis
   EREMAGFAPS-100CD34INI1AE1/AE3SMADesmin  (month)
Yoshida [1]24–6520–77++2/9*5/8*NA3/91to172(mean,66) alive
Kaku [2]3120+++**NA11 m alive
Kojima [3]7036+**++12 m alive
Present6555++8 m alive
  1. NA data not available; *Rare (< 1%); **Focal (1 to 30%). R Recurrence; M Metastasis