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Table 1 The distribution of the cytologic-histologic correlation of the nodules

From: Causes of misdiagnoses by thyroid fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC): our experience and a systematic review

DCCasesnon-neoplastic lesionsNeoplastic lesions
Benign neoplasmsNIFTPMalignant neoplasms
II36(7.6%)20111414  0 
III90 (20.5%)396 45432   
IV29 (45.3%)127198 1  
V200 (62.7%)412 15714971  
VI725 (67.6%)3117207107 21
Total1122 (40.3%)13217496994816221
  1. DC Diagnostic category, NIFTP Non-invasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features, PTC Papillary thyroid carcinoma, MTC Medullary thyroid carcinoma, FTC Follicular thyroid carcinoma, ATC Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, ITTA Intrathyroidal thymic adenocarcinoma