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Table 1 Clinicopathological data of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) complicating ulcerative colitis published in English literature from 2001 to 2019

From: A case of iatrogenic immunodeficiency-associated colonic lymphoma complicating ulcerative colitis

Authors, yearAge/SexUlcerative colitisImmunosuppressant treatmentIatrogenic immunodeficiency-associated lymphoproliferative disordersOutcome
SiteDuration (month)Immuno-suppressantDuration (month)TypeSiteMassEBVperforation
Tan, et al., 2001 [4]36/MLeft-side84AZA32DLBCLRectum+N/AN/ADead (due to renal insufficiency by the disease progression)
Khan, et al., 2001 [5]55/MPancolic300NoneNoneLCL, B-cell lineageRectumN/AN/AN/ARemission
Watanabe, et al., 2003 [6]42/FLeft-side120NoneNoneDLBCLColon+N/AN/ADead (due to MRSA pneumonia after the transplant)
Schwartz, et al., 2006 [7]29/MPancolic486MP, IFX, CYA24DLBCLIleal pouch++N/ARemission
Shibahara, et al., 2006 [8]33/MPancolic108AZA, CYA48DLBCLRectum+N/AN/ARemission
Van Hauwaert, et al., 2010 [9]20/MN/AN/AAZA, IFX60DLBCLRectum+N/AN/A
Khan, et al., 2012 [10]59/MN/A132NoneNoneDLBCLRectum+N/A+N/A
Allen, et al., 2013 [1]65/MLeft-side60AZA, 6MP, IFX60DLBCLColon+++N/A
Hiyama, et al., 2014 [11]69/MLeft-side42AZA24DLBCLRectum-;
++Dead (due to DIC secondary to sepsis)
Chang, et al. 2016 [3]73/MPancolicN/AMTXSeveral yearsDLBCLColon++N/AN/A
Our case68/MPancolic26AZA, IFX6DLBCLColon+++Remission
  1. M male, F female, AZA azathioprine, 6MP 6-mercaptopurine, IFX infliximab, CYA cyclosporine A, MTX methotrexate, LCL large cell lymphoma, LN lymph node, EBV Epstein-Barr virus, N/A not available, MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome