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Table 4 Five- and ten-year overall survival and relapse-free survival according to co-expression patterns of nuclear FAM83H and nuclear ZNF16

From: Expression of FAM83H and ZNF16 are associated with shorter survival of patients with gallbladder carcinoma

Co-expression pattern of nFAM83H and nZNF16No.5y-OS (%)10y-OS (%)5y-RFS (%)10y-RFS (%)
Co-expression Model 1
Co-expression Model 2
 nFAM83H−/nZNF16+, nFAM83H+/nZNF16-, or nFAM83H+/nZNF16+7325172317
  1. Abbreviations: nFAM83H nuclear expression of FAM83H, nZNF16 nuclear expression of ZNF16, 5y-OS overall survival rate at 5 years, 10y-OS overall survival rate at 10 years, 5y-RFS; relapse-free survival rate at 5 years, 10y-RFS relapse-free survival rate at 10 years