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Table 2 Histopathologic, immunohistochemical and FISH findings of PI-FL and control cases with reactive lymphoid hyperplasia

From: Density and size of lymphoid follicles are useful clues in differentiating primary intestinal follicular lymphoma from intestinal reactive lymphoid hyperplasia

Parameters PI-FL (n = 21) Control (n = 17)
Features of the follicles
 Polarity Lost Preserved
 Cellular components Mainly centrocytes Mixed populations
 Tingible body macrophages Absent Present
Histologic grade
 1/2 19 (91%)/ 2 (10%) NA
 CD10 expression 21 (100%)  
 BCL6 expression 21 (100%)  
 BCL2 expression 21 (100%)  
 FDC pattern   Tight meshwork
  Duodenal 14 (67%; 11 duodenum, 1 ileum and 2 colon)  
  Nodal 6 (29%; 4 ileocecum and 2 jejunum)  
 Mixed duodenal and nodal 1 (5%)  
 Positive/ Negative/ Failed/ Not tested 17/1/2/1  
  1. Abbreviation: FDC Follicular dendritic cell, FISH Fluorescence in situ hybridization for reciprocal translocation of IGH and BCL2 loci, PI-FL Primary intestinal follicular lymphoma