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Table 1 Clinicopathologic features of GREB1-rearranged uterine sarcoma

From: Recurrent uterine tumors resembling ovarian sex-cord tumors with the growth regulation by estrogen in breast cancer 1-nuclear receptor coactivator 2 fusion gene: a case report and literature review

Case number Age (years) Tumor size (cm) Microscopic tumor margins Tumor architecture Cytomorphology Mitosis (per 10 HPF) LVIc Necrosis Fusion gene Pathology diagnosis Stage Status of the disease
Cheng-Han et al. (2019)
1 56 10.0 Well demarcated Diffuse, fascicular, trabecular/corded Epithelioid and spindle, occasional rhabdoid features. 8 GREB1-NCOA2 UUS-Ub IB NEDd at 0.75 mo
2 60 14.9 Generally well-defined; rare foci of tongue-like protrusions Diffuse, trabecular/corded, fascicular Epithelioid and spindle 14 + + GREB1-NR4A3 GREB1-regrranged sarcoma IB NED at 5 mo
3 68 8.5 Myometrial delicate cell cords invasion Trabecular/corded, diffuse, nested Epithelioid 7 GREB1-SS18 Atypical mesenchymal tumor IB NED at 6 mo
4 65 4.2 Rare foci tongue-like protrusion Trabecular/corded, diffuse, nested, fascicular; multifocal tubular/retiform structures Epithelioid and spindle, rare lipid-laden cells and Leydig-like cells 2 GREB1-NCOA1 GREB1-regrranged sarcoma IA Recent case
Croce et al. (2019)
5 70 10.0 Relatively well demarcated Diffuse, nested, trabecular Epithelioid, focal rhabdoid appearance 1 NA GREB1-CTNNB1 UTROSCT IB Pelvic dissemination (17 mo); lung metastasis (30 mo)
Brunetti et al. (2018)
6 51 6.5 Infiltrative Primary tumor: diffuse fascicular; recurrent tumor: solid growth pattern Primary tumor: spindle and polygonal cells displaying pronounced atypia; Recurrent tumor: predominantly epithelioid multiple mitotic figuresa + + GREB1-NCOA2 High-grade endometrial sarcoma/sarcoma, not otherwise classifiable IB lung metastasis (24 and 132 y)
Dickson et al. (2019)
7 68 0.7–3.3a NA Fascicles, focal tubular pattern Spindle and epithelioid 0–1 NA GREB1-NCOA2 UTROSCT I NA
Goebel et al. (2019)
8 71 6.2 Infiltrative Nested, corded Spindle and epithelioid 1 NA GREB1-NCOA1 UTROSCT NA NED at 54.3 mo
9 71 NA Infiltrative Sertoliform, retiform Spindle and epithelioid < 1 NA GREB1-NCOA1 UTROSCT NA NA
10 71 13.0 Infiltrative Corded, trabecular, sertoliform, retiform Spindle and epithelioid 1 NA GREB1-NCOA2 UTROSCT NA Recurrent to pelvis (66 mo)
11 74 at least 2.5 Infiltrative Sertoliform Spindle and epithelioid 3 NA GREB1-NCOA1 UTROSCT NA NA
12 61 8.0 Infiltrative Nested, corded, whorled Spindle and epithelioid 2 NA GREB1-NCOA1 UTROSCT NA NED at 10 mo
Present case
13 57 10.0 Infiltrative Diffuse, nested, trabecular/corded, and focal anastomotic glandular Spindle and epithelioid 3 GREB1-NCOA2 UTROSCT IB Recurrent to pelvis (30 mo)
  1. aExact data not provided
  2. bUUS-U undifferentiated uterine sarcoma with nuclear uniformity
  3. cLVI lymphovascular invasion
  4. dNED no evidence of disease