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Table 2 Clinical data of published CIRC tumors

From: Cytokeratin-positive interstitial reticulum cell (CIRC) tumor in the lymph node: a case report of the transformation from the epithelioid cell type to the spindle cell type

Case No. Diagnosis Complication (malignancy) Age Sex Nodal / Extranodal Region Size Treatment Outcome References
1 CIRC tumor   57 M Nodal Left hilum NA A left thoracotomy
Radiotherapy; 50 Gy
Alive and well, 9 years Eur J Cancer 1990; 26: 1121–6
2 CIRC tumor   44 M Nodal Left hilum 4 cm A left thoracotomy Alive and well, over 3 years
3 CIRC tumor   61 M Nodal Right hilum NA A right thoracotomy
Radiotherapy; 50 Gy
Alive and well, 13 months
4 CIRC tumor   21 F Nodal Mediastinal (superior) 2.5 cm CHOP chemotherapy
Radiotherapy; 21 Gy
VP-16 and CBDCA chemotherapy
Died of disease, 9 months Am J Surg Pathol 2000; 24: 107–16
5 CIRC tumor   73 F Extranodal Right proximal forearm NA Surgery (excision) NA
6 CIRC tumor   62 M Nodal Mediastinal (posterior) 7.4 cm Radiotherapy; 65 Gy NA
7 CIRC tumor   66 M Nodal Submandibular 1.5 cm Surgery (excision)
Alive and well, 12 months Histopathology 2003; 43: 491–4
8 FRC tumor (primary)   70 F Nodal Right submandibular 3.0 cm Surgery Died of disease, 10 months Histopathology 2003; 43: 583–91
CIRC tumor (relapse)   Nodal Local relapse 9.0 cm VACOP B chemotherapy
Two cycles of CNOP chemotherapy
9 CIRC tumor Rectal adenocarcinoma 62 M Extranodal Spleen 0.9 cm Surgery (low anterior resection, splenectomy) Alive and well, 2 years Int J Surg Pathol 2014; 22: 447–50
10 CIRC tumor with FDC features   54 F Nodal Right axillary NA Surgery (excision) Alive and well, 2.5 years Am J Surg Pathol 2015; 39: 573–80
11 CIRC tumor Uterine endometrioid carcinoma 67 F Nodal Pelvic 3.5 cm Surgery (hysterectomy, bilateral adnexectomy,
pelvic lymphadenectomy)
Alive and well, 9 months Hum Pathol 2016; 49: 15–21
12 Current case (primary)   75 M Nodal Mediastinal (superior) 2.7 cm Surgery (excision)
CBDCA and DOC chemotherapy
Died of disease, 29 months  
Current case (relapse) Small cell lung carcinoma
Prostatic latent carcinoma
Extranodal Right lung apex to the clavicle fossa 1.5 cm CDDP and VP-16 chemotherapy
Three cycles of NGT chemotherapy
Radiotherapy; 30 Gy
  1. CIRC Cytokeratin-positive interstitial reticulum cell, FRC Fibroblastic reticular cell, FDC Follicular dendritic cell, CHOP Cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone, VP-16 Etoposide, CBDCA Carboplatin, VACOP-B Etoposide, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone, and bleomycin, CNOP Cyclophosphamide, mytoxantrone, vincristin, and prednisone, DOC Docetaxel, CDDP Cisplatin, NGT Nogitecan, NA Not available