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Table 2 Analysis methods

From: Detection and stage classification of Plasmodium falciparum from images of Giemsa stained thin blood films using random forest classifiers

Study Color channel Methods Task
Linder [3] Green Histogram thresholding, Detection of parasite regions
   support vector machine (SVM)  
Walliander [34] Green Adaptive histogram thresholding Segmentation and counting of RBCs
Malihi [21] Green Extraction of cell mask with Otsu Detection of parasites
   thresholding, K-nearest neighbour (k-NN)  
Savkare [22] Green Otsu thresholding, watershed segmentation, SVM Segmentation of RBCs, detection of parasites
Tek [31] Grey Rao’s method, K-nearest neighbour Detection of parasites, stage classification:
    ring, trophozoite, schizont, gametocyte
Diaz [28] RGB Color space classification, Inclusion-Tree Detection of parasite, classification of stages:
   representation, SVM ring, trophozoite, schizont
Diaz [13] RGB, Normalized Pixel classification, k-NN Detection of parasite with pixel classification
  RGB HSV, YCbCr   
Ruberto [30] Green, HSV, RGB Morphological approach, color Segmentation of RBCs, detection of parasites, stage
   histogram similarity classifications: mature trophozoite, immature trophozoite,