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Table 2 Heart pathology in the SCD-negative autopsy, SCD-positive autopsy, and control groups (CO intoxication and fatal injury)

From: miR-3113-5p, miR-223-3p, miR-133a-3p, and miR-499a-5p are sensitive biomarkers to diagnose sudden cardiac death

Characteristics CO intoxication Fatal injury SCD-negative autopsy SCD-positive autopsy
Total cases n = 14 n = 14 n = 18 n = 16
Heart pathology No evident changes No evident changes 38.9% (7 cases) with both interstitial edema, wavy fibers, and hypereosinophilia of cardiomyocytes;
33.3% (6 cases) with only interstitial edema and patchy hypereosinophilic cardiomyocytes;
16.7% (3 cases) with interstitial edema and some slightly wavy fibers;
11.1% (2 cases) without evident gross or histological changes.
56.2% (9 cases) with coronary stenosis (50–75% stenosis), calcification and myocardial fibrosis;
43.8% (7 cases) with coronary stenosis (> 75% stenosis), severe myocardial fibrosis and disorder.