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COVID-19 and impact on peer review

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times.  Please do let us know if you need additional time. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time.

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  1. Uterine adenosarcoma, a rare uterine tumor subtype, is a biphasic tumor consisting of epithelial and mesenchymal elements. To date, there is no research comparing the histopathological features and immunohisto...

    Authors: Makiko Omi, Akiko Tonooka, Tomohiro Chiba, Yuji Tanaka, Atsushi Fusegi, Yoichi Aoki, Hidetaka Nomura, Hiroyuki Kanao and Yutaka Takazawa
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:119
  2. Carcinosarcoma is a rare neoplasm with a poor prognosis that is most often discovered at an advanced stage; a gastric carcinosarcoma is even rarer than carcinosarcomas originating in other organs, such as the ...

    Authors: Akihiro Shioya, Nozomu Kurose, Kenichi Mizutani, Motona Kumagai, Ken Kawaura, Naohiko Nakamura, Takeo Kosaka, Nozomu Motono, Hidetaka Uramoto and Sohsuke Yamada
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:118
  3. Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma is a rare distinctive variant of liver cancer with unique epidemiological and pathological characteristics, characterized by dense lymphocyte infiltration. It can be divided in...

    Authors: Kai Zhang, Changcheng Tao, Zonggui Tao, Fan Wu, Songlin An, Jianxiong Wu and Weiqi Rong
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:115
  4. While ETV6- NTRK3 fusion is common in infantile fibrosarcoma, NTRK1/3 fusion in pediatric tumors is scarce and, consequently, not well known. Herein, we evaluated for the presence of NTRK1/3 fusion in pediatric m...

    Authors: Jeongwan Kang, Jin Woo Park, Jae-Kyung Won, Jeong Mo Bae, Jaemoon Koh, Jeemin Yim, Hongseok Yun, Seung-Ki Kim, Jung Yoon Choi, Hyoung Jin Kang, Woo Sun Kim, Joo Heon Shin and Sung-Hye Park
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:114
  5. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) with rapid on-site evaluation has a great potential for the diagnosis of fungal lesions and other opportunistic infections. Fungal infections have been in increasing tren...

    Authors: Santosh Tummidi, Bitan Naik, Arundhathi Shankaralingappa, Pavithra Balakrishna, Arati Ankushrao Bhadada and Navya Kosaraju
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:113
  6. Peripheral blood smears are performed to evaluate a variety of hematologic and non-hematologic disorders. At the authors’ institutions, clinician requests for pathologist-performed blood smear reviews have inc...

    Authors: Amy K. Beckman, Valerie L. Ng, David L. Jaye, Manila Gaddh, Sarah A. Williams, Sophia L. Yohe, Lin Zhang and Michael A. Linden
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:112
  7. Crawling-type adenocarcinoma (CRA) is an important gastric cancer (GC) subtype that exhibits a specific histological pattern and has characteristic clinicopathological findings. Despite its characteristic hist...

    Authors: Yasuko Fujita, Noriyuki Uesugi, Ryo Sugimoto, Makoto Eizuka, Yosuke Toya, Risaburo Akasaka, Takayuki Matsumoto and Tamotsu Sugai
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:111
  8. Uterine tumors resembling ovarian sex-cord tumors (UTROSCTs) are rare mesenchymal neoplasms predominantly arising in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. UTROSCTs with growth regulation by estrogen in brea...

    Authors: Bin Chang, Qianming Bai, Lin Liang, Huijuan Ge and Qianlan Yao
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:110
  9. Kang and colleagues evaluated on a case series of 1848 breast cancer (BC) patients operated for a first primary ER positive HER2 negative BC if Ki67 expression is a significant prognostic factor only when PgR ...

    Authors: Roberta Maltoni, Michela Palleschi, Sara Ravaioli, Maria Maddalena Tumedei, Mattia Altini and Sara Bravaccini
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:109
  10. Chromogranin A (CgA), synaptophysin (Syn) and the Ki-67 index play significant roles in diagnosis or the evaluation of the proliferative activity of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (GEP-NENs). ...

    Authors: Huiying Shi, Chen Jiang, Qin Zhang, Cuihua Qi, Hailing Yao and Rong Lin
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:108
  11. Intestinal-type adenocarcinoma is widely detected in the gastrointestinal tract, head and neck, lower respiratory and urinary systems. Determining the nature (monoclonal or multicentric) of the intestinal aden...

    Authors: Mikiko Matsuo, Yuichiro Hatano, Yuko Imaizumi, Takahiro Kuroda, Toshinori Arai, Hiroyuki Tomita, Nobuhisa Matsuhashi, Kazuhiro Yoshida and Akira Hara
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:106
  12. Pulmonary epithelial–myoepithelial carcinoma is a rare subtype of lung cancer. Because of its rarity, the molecular information on this carcinoma is insufficient.

    Authors: Naoki Yanagawa, Ayaka Sato, Masao Nishiya, Masamichi Suzuki, Ryo Sugimoto, Mitsumasa Osakabe, Noriyuki Uesugi, Hajime Saito and Tamotsu Sugai
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:105
  13. Squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas are the most common types of cervical cancer. Compared to squamous cell carcinomas, adenocarcinomas are more common in younger women and have a poorer prognosis. Ye...

    Authors: Hailing Li, Xiaotong Jing, Jie Yu, Jiannan Liu, Tingguo Zhang, Shiming Chen and Xiaofang Zhang
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:104
  14. The world is currently witnessing a major devastating pandemic of Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). This disease is caused by a novel coronavirus named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-...

    Authors: Sambit K. Mohanty, Abhishek Satapathy, Machita M. Naidu, Sanjay Mukhopadhyay, Shivani Sharma, Lisa M. Barton, Edana Stroberg, Eric J. Duval, Dinesh Pradhan, Alexandar Tzankov and Anil V. Parwani
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:103
  15. Ductal carcinoma of the prostate is a histological subtype with a higher mortality than acinar adenocarcinoma. The number of cases is small and there are no treatment guidelines. We believe that this is the fi...

    Authors: Kota Umeda, Takeo Kosaka, Kohei Nakamura, Toshikazu Takeda, Shuji Mikami, Hiroshi Nishihara and Mototsugu Oya
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:102
  16. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) serve as novel promising biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of many human diseases. This study investigated the diagnostic value of miR-186-5p for asymptomatic carotid artery stenosi...

    Authors: Weibo Lv, Tao Zhang, Hongwei Zhao, Shuang He, Bingwei Li, Yang Gao and Wenying Pan
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:101
  17. Multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC) permits the labeling of six or more distinct cell types within a single histologic tissue section. The classification of each cell type requires detection of uniquely colo...

    Authors: Danielle J. Fassler, Shahira Abousamra, Rajarsi Gupta, Chao Chen, Maozheng Zhao, David Paredes, Syeda Areeha Batool, Beatrice S. Knudsen, Luisa Escobar-Hoyos, Kenneth R. Shroyer, Dimitris Samaras, Tahsin Kurc and Joel Saltz
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:100

    The Publisher Correction to this article has been published in Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:116

  18. Molecular diagnostics can be decisive in the differential diagnosis between a somatic metastasis of type II testicular germ cell tumor (TGCT) or a second primary carcinoma. This is in line with recent recommen...

    Authors: Mariëtte E. G. Kranendonk, Wenzel M. Hackeng, G. Johan A. Offerhaus, Folkert H. M. Morsink, Geertruida N. Jonges, Gerard Groenewegen, Pieter-Jaap Krijtenburg, Heinz-Josef Klümpen, Wendy W. J. de Leng, Leendert H. J. Looijenga and Lodewijk A. A. Brosens
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:99
  19. Fibro-adipose vascular anomaly (FAVA) is a new entity of vascular anomalies with somatic and mosaic gain-of-function mutations of the phosphatidylinositol-4, 5-bisphosphate 3-kinase catalytic subunit alpha (PIK3C...

    Authors: Yumiko Hori, Katsutoshi Hirose, Noriko Aramaki-Hattori, Sachi Suzuki, Robert Nakayama, Masanori Inoue, Takahiro Matsui, Masaharu Kohara, Satoru Toyosawa and Eiichi Morii
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:98
  20. Malakoplakia is an uncommon, tumor-like inflammatory disease characterized by impaired histiocytes that are unable to completely digest phagocytized bacteria. The genitourinary tract is the most common site of...

    Authors: Michael Lee, Huaibin Mabel Ko, Anthony Rubino, Hwajeong Lee, Ryan Gill and Stephen M. Lagana
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:97
  21. Several studies reported the dysregulation of miR-541 in the progression of some human malignancies. Osteosarcoma (OS) is one of the most common primary malignant bone tumors. This study aimed to assess the ex...

    Authors: Chunlei Liu and Xiuling Yi
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:96
  22. Desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) is a rare, aggressive neoplasm seen in children and young adults, usually manifested by involvement of abdominal serosa. Here, we present an unusual case of primary ...

    Authors: Dilek Ertoy Baydar, Ayse Armutlu, Oguz Aydin, Ayhan Dagdemir and Yarkin Kamil Yakupoglu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:95
  23. Bladder cancer (BC) is a common and deadly disease. Over the past decade, a number of genetic alterations have been reported in BC. Bladder urothelium expresses abundant urea transporter UT-B encoded by Slc14a1 g...

    Authors: Zhongying Guo, Xiaobing Niu, Guangbo Fu, Baoxue Yang, Guangping Chen and Su’an Sun
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:94
  24. Patients with 46, XY disorder of sex development (DSD) are predisposed to the development of gonadal tumors, particularly germ cell tumors and gonadoblastoma. However, to the best of our knowledge, there are n...

    Authors: Jiangying Zhao, Jiao Peng, Sisi He, Jia Yang and Xiaojun Pang
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:93
  25. Mesonephric-like adenocarcinoma (M-LAC) is a rare, recently described tumor occurring in the uterine corpus and ovary, which shares the same morphological and immunohistochemical features with the more common ...

    Authors: Pavel Dundr, Mária Gregová, Kristýna Němejcová, Michaela Bártů, Nikola Hájková, Jan Hojný, Ivana Stružinská and Daniela Fischerová
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:91
  26. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is characterized by transient dysfunction of the medial to apical segment of the left ventricle. Recurrence within a few months or years has been reported and serious complications, in...

    Authors: Kenichi Mizutani, Akihiro Shioya, Yasuyo Hirose, Ryuhei Saito and Sohsuke Yamada
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:90
  27. Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is a rare malignant tumor. In addition to the main ATC type with classical histopathological features, the other morphological types of ATC include paucicellular variant, ang...

    Authors: Jixuan Liu, Ni Cui, Wenjia Ding, Xinjie Dong, Xiaoshuai Chen, Jun Jiang and Yafang Liu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:89
  28. Malacoplakia is a rare chronic inflammatory disease. The name derives from the Greek “μαλακός” meaning “soft” and “πλάξ” meaning “plaque”, describing its usual macroscopic presentation as a friable yellow soft pl...

    Authors: Antonio d’Amati, Emilio Bellitti and Leonardo Resta
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:88
  29. Identification of bladder layers is a necessary prerequisite to bladder cancer diagnosis and prognosis. We present a method of multi-class image segmentation, which recognizes urothelium, lamina propria, muscu...

    Authors: Muhammad Khalid Khan Niazi, Enes Yazgan, Thomas E. Tavolara, Wencheng Li, Cheryl T. Lee, Anil Parwani and Metin N. Gurcan
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:87
  30. Ovarian cancer is a spectrum of several histologically distinct tumor types that differ in etiology, response to therapy, and prognosis. In resource-limited settings, the diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be cha...

    Authors: Peter F. Rambau, Martin Köbel, Derek Tilley, Alex Mremi, Robert Lukande and William Muller
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:86
  31. Immunohistochemistry (IHQ) is commonly used for the detection of mismatch repair proteins deficiency (MMRD). One very infrequent abnormal pattern of MMR protein expression is the loss of PMS2 and MSH6, with in...

    Authors: Esther Moreno, Juan M. Rosa-Rosa, Tamara Caniego-Casas, Ignacio Ruz-Caracuel, Cristian Perna, Carmen Guillén and José Palacios
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:84
  32. E-cigarette and vaping use-associated acute lung injury (EVALI) has been recently recognized as a complication in individuals who use vaping devices. Another consideration is that EVALI may have an adverse inf...

    Authors: Bindu H. Akkanti, Rahat Hussain, Manish K. Patel, Jayeshkumar A. Patel, Kha Dinh, Bihong Zhao, Shaimaa Elzamly, Kevin Pelicon, Klemen Petek, Ismael A. Salas de Armas, Mehmet Akay, Biswajit Kar, Igor D. Gregoric and L. Maximilian Buja
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:83
  33. Primary intestinal follicular lymphoma (PI-FL) is a rare and indolent lymphoma and is challenging for diagnosis with endoscopic biopsy specimens. Whole slide imaging (WSI) has been increasingly used for assist...

    Authors: Hsin-Ni Li, Ren Ching Wang, Jun-Peng Chen, Sheng-Tsung Chang and Shih-Sung Chuang
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:82
  34. Pathologists frequently encounter neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) presenting as multiple liver masses in routine practice. Most often, these are well-differentiated tumors with characteristic histologic features....

    Authors: Elise R. Venable, Sarah E. Kerr, M. Beatriz S. Lopes, Karra A. Jones, Andrew M. Bellizzi, Taofic Mounajjed, Aditya Raghunathan, Oksana Hamidi, Thorvardur R. Halfdanarson, Mabel Ryder and Rondell P. Graham
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:81
  35. The mitotic count in breast carcinoma is an important prognostic marker. Unfortunately substantial inter- and intra-laboratory variation exists when pathologists manually count mitotic figures. Artificial inte...

    Authors: Liron Pantanowitz, Douglas Hartman, Yan Qi, Eun Yoon Cho, Beomseok Suh, Kyunghyun Paeng, Rajiv Dhir, Pamela Michelow, Scott Hazelhurst, Sang Yong Song and Soo Youn Cho
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:80
  36. Without early recognition and Kasai procedure, biliary atresia (BA) results in liver cirrhosis and leads to either transplantation or death at a young age. We aimed to characterize the liver histopathological ...

    Authors: Gunadi, Dian Nirmala Sirait, Leila Rakhma Budiarti, Vincentia Meta Widya Paramita, Aditya Rifqi Fauzi, Fiko Ryantono, Dwiki Afandy, Naomi Yoshuantari, Hanggoro Tri Rinonce and Akhmad Makhmudi
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:79
  37. The outbreak of a novel coronavirus since December 2019, became an emergency of major international concern. As of June 21, 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caused 8,769,844 confirmed infections with 463,745 ...

    Authors: Pan Zhai, Yanbing Ding and Yiming Li
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:78
  38. This study evaluated the predictive power of Atyp.C (a parameter of UF-5000 flow cytometer) for patients with a suspected diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma.

    Authors: Chunyun Ren, Xing Wang, Chunwei Yang, Shengchao Li, Shuangchun Liu and Hongcui Cao
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:77
  39. We examined the vascularity of mammary Paget disease histologically to confirm the increased blood flow observed previously by clinical imaging. The relationships among blood vessel density (BVD), histopatholo...

    Authors: Yuri Akishima-Fukasawa, Naoko Honma, Hideaki Ogata, Yoshikiyo Akasaka and Tetuo Mikami
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:75
  40. Early diagnosis of asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis (ACAS) is important to prevent the incidence of cerebrovascular events. This study aimed to investigate the circulating expression of microRNA-92a (miR-9...

    Authors: Gang Chen, Jianwei Gao, Yuguo Sheng, Xinqiang Han, Xingang Ji, Mengpeng Zhao and Jian Wu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:74
  41. In lung cancer patients infected with COVID-19, pathological features are not easy to distinguish. This report presents detailed histopathological findings in two non-neoplastic subjects whose out-of-hospital ...

    Authors: Roberto Scendoni, Francesca Marchesani, Nunzia Cannovo, Piergiorgio Fedeli and Mariano Cingolani
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:73
  42. Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma (IVLBCL) is an extremely rare subtype of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma that most commonly involves the central nervous system, skin, and bone marrow. To our knowledge, Epste...

    Authors: Qingjiao Li, Jinghe Li, Keda Yang, Ying Peng, Yao Xiang, Shuyuan Sun, Jian Zeng, Xin Zhang and Junpu Wang
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:72
  43. Primary myoepithelial carcinoma of the lung is a rare subtype in lung cancer. Comprehensive molecular profiling of myoepithelial carcinoma of the lung is absent, neither was clinical evidence of targeted thera...

    Authors: Xiaohong Xie, Xinqing Lin, Ming Liu, Yinyin Qin, Ming Ouyang, Shiyue Li, Yingying Gu, Shuyin Chen, Jianxing Xiang and Chengzhi Zhou
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:71
  44. The prognostic potential of PD-L1 is currently unclear in gastric carcinomas, although the immune checkpoint PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors have produced promising results in clinical trials.

    Authors: Euno Choi, Mee Soo Chang, Sun-ju Byeon, Heejin Jin, Kyeong Cheon Jung, Haeryoung Kim, Kook Lae Lee, Won Kim, Jin Hyun Park, Ki Hwan Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, In Sil Choi, Dong-Seok Han, Hye Seong Ahn and Seung Chul Heo
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:69
  45. Yolk sac tumor (YST) is a germ cell neoplasm that arises predominantly in the gonads, but can also derive from somatic neoplasms in extragonadal locations. These latter cases have been documented in several or...

    Authors: Nadia Espejo-Herrera and Enric Condom-Mundó
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2020 15:68

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