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Table 2 Patients' pathological summaries

From: Breast spindle cell tumours: about eight cases

Age Cytology Gross pathology Histopathology Provisional diagnosis
1 54 Benign Well defined, 2 cm Spindle cells, adipocytes, thick collagen bundles in variable proportions SCL?
2 55 Suspicious Well defined, 3 cm Spindle and oval cells haphazardly arranged in short intersecting fascicles, ribbons of collagen MFB?
3 46 Benign Irregular infiltrative, 3.7 cm Spindle cells forming interlacing bundles Benign BSCTs?
4 37 Benign Well defined, 2.5 cm Cellular neoplasm formed of spindle and oval cells, arranged in storiform pattern or in parallel fascicles Benign BSCTs?
5 51 Suspicious Well defined with irregular margins, 3 cm Highly cellular neoplasm formed of spindle cells surrounding epithelial lined spaces, high mitotic activity 20/10 hpfs Malignant PT?
6 39 Benign Well defined, 4 cm Interlacing bundles of spindle-shaped cells with cigar shaped-nuclei, eosinophilic cytoplasm, rare mitotic figures leiomyoma
7 52 Malignant Well defined, 5 cm Eosinophilic spindle cells arranged in interlacing bundles, marked cellular and nuclear atypia, mitosis 7/10 hpfs, wide areas of necrosis leiomyosarcoma
8 69 Malignant Well defined, 4 cm Highly pleomorphic spindle cells, high mitotic activity 23/10hpfs Malignant BSCTs?
  1. Hpfs: high power fields.