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COVID-19 and impact on peer review

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times.  Please do let us know if you need additional time. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time.

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  1. Evaluation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) distribution in an Indian cohort of breast cancer patients for its prognostic significance.

    Authors: Pooja M. Vaid, Anirudha K. Puntambekar, Nutan S. Jumle, Rituja A. Banale, Danish Ansari, Ruhi R. Reddy, Rohini R. Unde, Namrata P. Namewar, Devaki A. Kelkar, L. S. Shashidhara, Chaitanyanand B. Koppiker and Madhura D. Kulkarni
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:91
  2. Synaptophysin is an immunohistochemical marker for neuroendocrine differentiation and is widely used in pathologic diagnosis. Its expression in malignant lymphoma has not yet been described. However, we experi...

    Authors: Soyoung Im, Jeong-A. Kim, Gyeongsin Park and Uiju Cho
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:90
  3. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a relatively rare and a potentially fatal syndrome. It is a serious complication associated with antipsychotic therapy. NMS is easily prone to pneumonia, rhabdomyolysis ...

    Authors: Huachang Zhao, Sijia Lu, Xiaoyan Li, Panyun Huang, Hongming Wang and Fengmei Lu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:89
  4. Tenosynovial giant cell tumor (TSGCT) is a benign fibrohistiocytic tumor that affects the synovium of joints, bursa, and tendon sheaths and is categorized into localized TSGCT (LTSGCT) and diffuse TSGCT (DTSGC...

    Authors: Shintaro Sugita, Tomoko Takenami, Tomomi Kido, Tomoyuki Aoyama, Michiko Hosaka, Keiko Segawa, Taro Sugawara, Hiromi Fujita, Junya Shimizu, Yasutaka Murahashi, Makoto Emori and Tadashi Hasegawa
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:88
  5. Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the lower urinary tract (CCACLUT) is a rare primary malignant neoplasm with heterogenous morphology. There is a paucity of data in the literature regarding its immunohistochemical ...

    Authors: Mahmut Akgul, Robert Humble, Abdullah Osme, Servet Yuce, Elif N. Kocak, Parisa Najafzadeh, Ankur Sangoi, Niharika Pattnaik, Sourav Mishra, Shivani Sharma, Nada Shaker, Seema Kaushal, Manas Baisakh, Andrea R. Lightle, Bonnie L. Balzer, Guang-Qian Xiao…
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:87
  6. Vulvar cancer is a rare disease, accounting for approximately 5% of gynecological malignancies. Primary adenocarcinoma of intestinal-type of the vulva or its precancerous lesion is extremely rare, and details ...

    Authors: Hanako Sato, Kosuke Murakami, Tomoyuki Otani and Noriomi Matsumura
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:85
  7. Authors: Vandana Baloda, Sarah E. Wheeler, David L. Murray, Mindy C. Kohlhagen, Jeffrey A. Vos, Svetlana A. Yatsenko, Mounzer E. Agha, Miroslav Djokic, Steven H. Swerdlow and Nathanael G. Bailey
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:84

    The original article was published in Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:63

  8. Ovarian fibroma is the most common benign pure stromal tumor. It has no specific clinical manifestation, most of which are pelvic or adnexal masses. 10-15% of cases with hydrothorax or ascites, after tumor res...

    Authors: Na Tan, Kai-yuan Jin, Xiao-rong Yang, Cheng-fang Li, Jin Yao and Hong Zheng
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:83
  9. Orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst (OOC) is a rare developmental odontogenic cyst of the jaw. It was originally believed to be a variant of odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) but is now considered to be a distinct en...

    Authors: Sawako Ono, Katsutoshi Hirose, Shintaro Sukegawa, Satoko Nakamura, Daisuke Motooka, Yuri Iwamoto, Yumiko Hori, Kaori Oya, Yasuo Fukuda and Satoru Toyosawa
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:82
  10. Pulmonary papillary adenoma is a rare benign tumor in the periphery of the lung. We report a 66-year-old female patient with a tumor in the lower lobe of the right lung and present the clinicopathological feat...

    Authors: Ping Liu, Junjian Feng, Min Yang, Jingqiu Chen, Luyao Fu and Junxu Lu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:81
  11. Uterine somatic choriocarcinoma is a rare, clinically aggressive malignant tumor. They frequently concur with other cancer. However, the molecular pathogenesis between somatic choriocarcinoma and the concurren...

    Authors: Meiping Li, Lei Bao, Bo Lu, Wenshun Ge and Lifang Ren
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:79
  12. Successful practice of precision medicine in advanced lung cancers relies on therapeutic regimens tailored to individual molecular characteristics. The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy of smal...

    Authors: Xiaosong Ben, Dan Tian, Weitao Zhuang, Rixin Chen, Sichao Wang, Zihao Zhou, Cheng Deng, Ruiqing Shi, Songlin Liu, Dongkun Zhang, Jiming Tang, Liang Xie, Haiyu Zhou, Zhou Zhang, Min Li, Xuanye Zhang…
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:78
  13. Thymofibrolipoma has been described as a variant of thymolipoma. To date, 3 cases have been reported, and the lesion have been described to consist of extensive areas of collagenous tissue interspersed with is...

    Authors: Ryu Jokoji and Emiko Tomita
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:77
  14. Skin metastasis of ovarian cancer is extremely rare. We report an unusual case of ovarian carcinosarcoma with cutaneous metastasis of carcinomatous component that displayed distinct clinical manifestation. A 4...

    Authors: Jinhang Li, Chen Cao, Peng Liu, Zhifeng Yan, Deyin Xing and Aijun Liu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:76
  15. Extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type (EN-NK/T-NT) is a rare and aggressive type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. EN-NK/T-NT seldom occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, and renal involvement is relatively rare.

    Authors: Shuyan Mao, Changying Diao and Lei Cao
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:75
  16. The diagnosis of mixed phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL) with T/megakaryocyte or T/myeloid lineages accompanied by t(3;3) is always a challenge. Therefore, multiple experimental methods are usually required to a...

    Authors: Yannan Jia, Dong Lin, Zhe Wang, Chengwen Li, Huijun Wang, Jianxiang Wang and Yingchang Mi
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:74
  17. Lack of knowledge around underlying mechanisms of gliomas mandates intense research efforts to improve the disease outcomes. Identification of high-grade gliomas pathogenesis which is known for poor prognosis ...

    Authors: Reza Ahmadi-Beni, Shirin Shahbazi and Alireza Khoshnevisan
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:73
  18. DICER1-associated central nervous system sarcoma (DCS) without evidence of other cancer-related syndromes is rare. Though the morphology of DCS was highly variable, the immunophenotype was predominant myogenic ph...

    Authors: Kun Yao, Zejun Duan, Jing Feng, Changxiang Yan and Xueling Qi
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:72
  19. Hyperparathyroidism-Jaw Tumor (HPT-JT) is caused by inactivating germline mutations of CDC73. This hereditary disease can present with a range of symptoms. Jaw ossifying fibroma (OF) is one of the most importa...

    Authors: Dun Yang, Jiaoyun Zheng, Fei Tang, Qiongzhi He, Hui Huang and Peng Zhou
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:71
  20. Immune checkpoints including programmed death-ligand 1/programmed death-1/ (PD-L1/PD-1), cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA-4), and indolaimine-2, 3-deoxygenase (IDO) have recently emerged as effective can...

    Authors: Alireza Samiei, David W. Gjertson, Sanaz Memarzadeh, Gottfried E. Konecny and Neda A. Moatamed
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:70
  21. The expression of PD-L1 in the immune microenvironment can guide the application of immunosuppressants. In order to monitor the immune status of the body, repeated biopsies have to be taken. Our research aims ...

    Authors: Keyu Yuan, Jiangping Wu, Yanjie Zhao, Shuzhen Lyu, Quan Zhou, Feng Shi, Yanping Li and Qingkun Song
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:68
  22. This study retrospectively investigated the morphological, immunohistochemical and molecular genetic features of papillary renal neoplasm with reverse polarity (PRNRP), a recently described renal tumor.

    Authors: Tong Yang, Enhao Kang, Longxiao Zhang, Jie Zhuang, Yujun Li, Yanxia Jiang, Han Wang, Wenjuan Yu and Wei Zhang
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:66
  23. Mu heavy chain disease is a rare lymphoid neoplasm characterized by vacuolated bone marrow plasma cells and secretion of defective mu immunoglobulin heavy chains. The biological basis of mu heavy chain disease...

    Authors: Vandana Baloda, Sarah E. Wheeler, David L. Murray, Mindy C. Kohlhagen, Jeffrey A. Vos, Svetlana A. Yatsenko, Mounzer E. Agha, Miroslav Djokic, Steven H. Swerdlow and Nathanael G. Bailey
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:63

    The Correction to this article has been published in Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:84

  24. We aimed to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted oral cytology method, similar to cervical cytology. We focused on the detection of cell nuclei because the ratio of cell nuclei to cytoplasm increas...

    Authors: Eiji Mitate, Kirin Inoue, Retsushi Sato, Youichi Shimomoto, Seigo Ohba, Kinuko Ogata, Tomoya Sakai, Jun Ohno, Ikuo Yamamoto and Izumi Asahina
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:62
  25. Causative factors of breast cancer include infections, such as Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) infection. The aim of this study was to analyze the clinicopathological features of EBV-positive (IBC) and determine if E...

    Authors: Wei-tong Zhang, Gui-lu Zhu, Wu-qin Xu, Wei Zhang, Hui-zhen Wang, Ya-bing Wang and Yong-xiang Li
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:61
  26. Contralateral neck lymph node metastasis is rare in primary breast cancer. Its clinical staging and treatment principles lack authoritative guidelines. A case of a 30-year-old breast cancer patient with contra...

    Authors: Xiaoxiao Zhong, Fengjiao Ding, Liyuan Qian, Wei Wu, Yanguang Wen and Boni Ding
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:60
  27. Synovial sarcoma is an uncommon soft tissue tumor of soft tissue, characterized by a specific SS18 rearrangement. It generally manifests as a lesion composed of monomorphic spindle cells and sometimes shows va...

    Authors: Ying Chen, Ning Zhou, Deyu Guo, Xiaodong Wang, Xin He and Yujuan Xu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:59
  28. Plaque hardness in carotid artery stenosis correlates with cerebral infarction. This study aimed to quantitatively compare plaque hardness with histopathological findings and identify the pathological factors ...

    Authors: Daisuke Fukushima, Kosuke Kondo, Naoyuki Harada, Sayaka Terazono, Kei Uchino, Kazutoshi Shibuya and Nobuo Sugo
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:58
  29. Vanishing bile duct syndrome (VBDS) is a rare but potentially severe acquired chronic cholestatic liver disease. Bile duct deficiency is a reduction of bile ducts in the liver, which can eventually lead to cho...

    Authors: Yuebo Jia, Lin Liu, Baocheng Deng, Yu Huang, Jiaqi Zhao and Guang Bai
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:57
  30. The International System for Reporting Serous Fluid Cytopathology (TIS) was recently proposed. We retrospectively applied TIS recommendations for reporting the cytological diagnosis of serous effusions and rep...

    Authors: Yan-li Zhu, Wen-hao Ren, Qian Wang, Hai-zhu Jin, Yi-yi Guo and Dong-mei Lin
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:56
  31. Rapid histologic diagnosis of frozen sections is essential for a variety of surgical procedures. Frozen sections however, require specialized lab equipment, are prone to freezing artifacts and are not applicab...

    Authors: Maja Carina Nackenhorst, Mohammad Kasiri, Bernd Gollackner and Heinz Regele
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:55
  32. Former single center studies indicated that HER2 assessment with two primary tumor blocks (dual block HER2 assessment) could be an efficient and practical approach to overcome the adverse impact of heterogenei...

    Authors: Chen Xu, Miaomiao Sun, Mei Jin, Zengshan Li, Rong Qin, Guoping Ren, Wenyong Sun, Lirong Chen, Lijuan Luan, Yalan Liu, Dongxian Jiang, Lingli Chen, Rongkui Luo and Yingyong Hou
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:54
  33. Primary intestinal T-cell lymphomas are uncommon malignancies that pose a diagnostic dilemma, because the clinical features and imaging findings commonly overlap with those encountered in inflammatory bowel di...

    Authors: Kashif Osmani, Eshana Shah, Bradley Drumheller, Shaun Webb, Manmeet Singh, Paul Rubinstein, John Patrick Galvin, Megan S. Lim and Carlos Murga-Zamalloa
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:53
  34. Anaplastic lymphoma kinase rearrangement-associated renal cell carcinoma (ALK-RCC) is an extremely rare tumor and ALK-RCC that mimics mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma (MTSCC) has been very reported ...

    Authors: Keita Kai, Shohei Tobu, Shinichi Kido, Shuji Mikami, Kengo Takeuchi, Akito Dobashi, Yuki Togashi, Mitsuru Noguchi and Shinichi Aishima
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:52
  35. Malignant schwannoma is a malignant tumor of differentiation of Schwann cells or perineural cells.

    Authors: Imane Boujguenna, Hind Ousehal, Atmane Zaroual, Mohamed E. L. Bouderkaoui, Abdelaziz Raji, Chihab Bouyaali, Najat Cherif Idrissi El Ganouni, Anass Fakhri and Hanane Rais
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:48
  36. We report a surgical case of urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis, resulting in diagnostic difficulties on cytological examination.

    Authors: Mao Takata, Motona Kumagai, Yumi Tsubata, Yoshiiku Okanemasa, Michiho Takenaka, Toshie Terauchi, Manabu Yamashita, Akihiro Shioya and Sohsuke Yamada
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:47
  37. Neuroendocrine (NE) differentiation is widely studied in non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC) however, its significance remains unclear in basaloid squamous cell carcinomas (B-SqCC). This study aims to asses...

    Authors: Kianoosh Keyhanian, William J. Phillips, Benjamin S. Yeung, Marcio Gomes, Bryan Lo and Harmanjatinder S. Sekhon
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:46
  38. In breast cancer (BC) Ki-67 cut-off levels, counting methods and inter- and intraobserver variation are still unresolved. To reduce inter-laboratory differences, it has been proposed that cut-off levels for Ki...

    Authors: Anette H. Skjervold, Henrik Sahlin Pettersen, Marit Valla, Signe Opdahl and Anna M. Bofin
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:45
  39. Ocular cystinosis is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by intralysosomal cystine accumulation in renal, ophthalmic (cornea, conjunctiva), and other organ abnormalities. Patients with ocular cys...

    Authors: Latifa Chkioua, Yessine Amri, Chaima Saheli, Wassila Mili, Sameh Mabrouk, Imen Chabchoub, Hela Boudabous, Wissem Ben Azzouz, Hadhami Ben Turkia, Salima Ferchichi, Neji Tebib, Taieb Massoud, Mohamed Ghorbel and Sandrine Laradi
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:44
  40. Authors: Yumiko Hori, Katsutoshi Hirose, Michio Ozeki, Kenji Hata, Daisuke Motooka, Shinichiro Tahara, Takahiro Matsui, Masaharu Kohara, Hiroki Higashihara, Yusuke Ono, Kaishu Tanaka, Satoru Toyosawa and Eiichi Morii
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:43

    The original article was published in Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:19

  41. Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcomas (EMCs) are solid tumors that have been genetically and biologically characterized. Only a few studies have discussed the role of the KIT gene or CD117 expression in EMCs, iden...

    Authors: Chen Wang, Zhi-Jie You, Xiao-Yan Chen, Jie Lin and Yi-Juan Wu
    Citation: Diagnostic Pathology 2022 17:42

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