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Table 1 Immunohistochemical characteristics observed in calcified ovarian fibrothecoma without ascites.

From: Immunohistochemical localization patterns for vimentin and other intermediate filaments in calcified ovarian fibrothecoma

Assay/antibody Tissue marker for Result
Vimentin Vimentin, intermediate filaments, mesenchymal cells +
CAM 5.2 Keratin: 39, 43, 48, 50, 50.6 kD -
S100 S100 Protein, nerve sheath tumor, melanoma, chondrocyte -
Inhibin Sex cord stromal tumors, adrenal (cortical) tumors -
Calretinin Ca++ binding protein, mesothelial cells, sex cord stromal tumors -
Melan A Melanoma associated marker, adrenal (cortical) tumors -
SMA Smooth muscle actin, myofibroblasts, myoepithelial cells -
CD34 Endothelial and stem cells, GI stromal tumor -
CD117 Myeloid and mast cells, GI stromal tumor (c-kit) -
Desmin Muscle, desmoplastic small round cell tumor -