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Table 2 Pathologic characteristics of primary carcinoid tumor arising within mature teratoma of the kidney

From: Primary carcinoid tumor arising within mature teratoma of the kidney: report of a rare entity and review of the literature

Source, year Macroscopic findings Components of Mature Teratoma Architectural patterns of carcinoid tumor Cytologic features of carcinoid tumor Mitotic rate of carcinoid tumor* Immuno-phenotype of carcinoid tumor*
  Side/Gross Site/Size, cm      
Kojiro et al, 1976 [2] Left/Polycystic with smooth and nodular external surface NP/17 Mucous secretory glands, columnar epithelium, mature hyaline cartilage, smooth muscle NP Finely granular eosinophilic cytoplasm, uniform rounded nuclei with coarse chromatin and small nucleoli 0/10 HPF NP
Fetissof et al, 1984 [3] Right/Dilated sac filled with purulent exudate in horseshoe kidney with lower poles connected by broad isthmus NP/2 Transitional and mucinous columnar epithelium with occasional cilia, smooth muscle, ossified chondroid plaques, nerve bundles with ganglion cells Anastomosing ribbons intermixed with solid nests NP NP SER+, GLU+, SOM+, ACTH-, CAL-, GAS-, INS-, MOT-, NEU-
Lodding et al, 1997 [1] Right/Gray-white firm nodule in horseshoe kidney with broad connecting bridge in midline Lower pole/2 Mature bone Organoid Uniform cells NP PCK+, NSE+, CHR+, SYN+, S-100+, SER+, PSA-
Yoo et al, 2002 [4] Left/Well circumscribed, tan-pink, glistening, focally hemorrhagic, primarily solid Lower pole/3.5 Mucinous tall columnar epithelium, mature smooth muscle, mature bone Anastomosing ribbons intermixed with solid nests Monotonous small cells with finely stippled chromatin and inconspicuous nucleoli 0/10 HPF PCK+, NSE+, CHR+
Kim et al, 2004 [5] Right/Well defined solid, yellowish tan Upper and mid poles/3.5 Mucinous columnar and pseudostratified columnar epithelium with occasional cilia, mature bone Trabecular and anastomosing ribbons or nests NP NP PCK+, NSE+, CHR+, SYN+
Kurzer et al, 2005 [6] Right/Cyst filled with tan-brown friable material and three irregular tan-brown stones Mid-lower pole/1 Transitional, colonic, squamous, and non-specific cuboidal epithelium, mature adipose, focal osseous metaplasia Nests and cords Small cells with peripheral palisading NP CHR+
Current case Right/Cyst with irregular pale tan wall and focal calcifications Middle pole/2 Urothelial-type and colonic epithelium, focal mature bone Trabecular and anastomosing ribbon-like nests Monotonous small round cells with peripheral palisading, and "salt-and-pepper" chromatin pattern 0/10 HPF SYN+, CD 56+, PCK+, THY+, CK 7-, CK 20-, CAR-, PR-, ER-, S-100-, Melan-A-, INS-, TTF-1-, CHR-,
  1. *NP, not provided; HPF; high power field; SYN, synaptophysin; PCK, pancytokeratin; THY, thyroxine; CK, cytokeratin; CAR, calretinin; PR, progesterone receptor; ER, estrogen receptor; INS, insulin; TTF, thyroid transcription factor; CHR, chromogranin; NSE, neuron specific enolase; SER, serotonin; PSA, prostate specific antigen; GLU, glucagon; SOM, somatostatin; ACTH, adrenocorticotropic hormone; CAL, calcitonin; GAS, gastrin; MOT, motilin; NEU, neurotensin