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Table 1 The association of studied features with prognosis (univariate survival analysis in the entire cohort)

From: Is there any potential link among caspase-8, p-p38 MAPK and bcl-2 in clear cell renal cell carcinomas? A comparative immunohistochemical analysis with clinical connotations

Feature P value (Log Rank Test)
Phospho-p38 expression (<15 vs ≥15)* 0.443
Cytoplasmic caspase-8 expression (weak vs moderate/strong) 0.037
Nuclear caspase-8 expression (<10 vs ≥10) 0.257
Bcl-2 expression (<45 vs ≥45)* 0.218
Grade (grade 1/2 vs grade 3/4) 0.019
pT-stage (stage pT1a/pT1b/pT2 vs pT3a/pT3b) 0.712
Age (<54 vs ≥54)* 0.273
Gender (male vs female) 0.660
  1. The association of studied features with prognosis was studied with the Log Rank Test. As shown in the table, grade and cytoplasmic caspase-8 expression are both prognosticators, and of these, Fuhrman's grade is more significant. Numbers in bold: statistically significant.
  2. (*): median values.