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Table 1 Veterinary and Human histopathological classification of Malignant mammary tumor in female dogs showing their malignity, positive immunemarking for estrogen receptors, and pyrethroid identification with their respective concentration levels in the analyzed samples

From: Malignant mammary tumor in female dogs: environmental contaminants

Classification - Carcinoma Degree Estrogen Receptor HPLC
Veterinary Human    μg/g Pyrethroid
Simple Tubulo-papilliferous III +++ 0.55 0.32 Deltamethrin Cyhalothrin
Complex Metaplasic I 0   --------------
Complex Metaplasic III +++ 0.05 0.02 Allethrin Deltamethrin
Complex Metaplasic III 0   --------------
Simple Ductal I ++   --------------
Simple Ductal infiltrative III +   --------------
Complex Metaplasic III +++ 0.03 Cypermethrin
Complex Metaplasic III 0   --------------
Complex Metaplasic III 0   ---------------