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Table 4 Immunohistochemical study of Rhabdomyosarcomatous tumors and small cell carcinoma

From: Adult urinary bladder tumors with rabdomyosarcomatous differentiation: Clinical, pathological and immunohistochemical studies

Cases Number of cases Myogenin Cytokeratin Synaptophysin Chromogranin FISH in RMS
RMS* 1 Positive Negative Positive Negative negative
RMS in ca^ 2 Positive in
Negative in RMS; positive in ca Positive in RMS in 1 out of 2 cases Negative negative
Small cell carcinoma 13 Negative Positive (9/9) Positive(9/9) Positive in 7/9 N/A
  1. FISH DNA breakapart signal analysis for detection of translocation associated with EWS and FHKR.
  2. *RMS: Rhabdomyosarcoma or rhabdomyosarcomatous component in appropriate setting; ^ca: Carcinoma.