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Figure 3

From: The value of CDX2 and cytokeratins 7 and 20 expression in differentiating colorectal adenocarcinomas from extraintestinal gastrointestinal adenocarcinomas: cytokeratin 7-/20+ phenotype is more specific than CDX2 antibody

Figure 3

CDX2 expression patterns in colorectal, gastric, and pancreatic carcinomas. (A) Homogeneous (diffuse and strong) nuclear expression of CDX2 in a low grade colorectal adenocarcinoma. (B) Gastric and (C) pancreatic adenocarcinomas showed heterogeneous pattern of intensity of CDX2 expression, frequently encountered in extra-intestinal GI adenocarcinomas. (A)-(B), original magnification × 200; (C), original magnification × 400.

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