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Table 1 Clinical-characteristics, radiographic and pathologic features of primary teratoma of the kidney

From: Primary renal teratoma: a rare entity

Source, year  Side Age Sex Clinical presentation Radiographic features of renal mass Components of teratoma
Kojiro et al., [6]  Left kidney 40 years Male Epigastric pain, nausea, no carcinoid syndrome IVU: Marked dilatation of left renal pelvis Mucous secretory glands, columnar epithelium, mature hyaline cartilage, smooth muscle
Fetissof et al., [7]  Right kidney 65 years Male Fever, no carcinoid syndrome IVU: Displaced left kidney and non-visualized right kidney Transitional and mucinous columnar epithelium, smooth muscle, ossified chondroid plaques, nerve bundles with ganglion cells
Lodding et al., [8]  Right kidney 23 years Male Abdominal pain, no carcinoid syndrome CT: Calcification in horseshoe kidney Mature bone
LIU et al., [5]  Left kidney 2 years Female Poor appetite and poor activity 1 week in duration CT: Huge tumor in the left kidney with calcification and necrosis Yolk sac tumor and immature teratoma
Singer et a.l, [9]  Left kidney 2 months Male Constipation and a palpable left flank mass CT : Heterogeneous upper pole left renal neoplasm Mature teratoma with rare
foci of immature elements
Govender et al., [10]  Right kidney 3 years Female Bilateral coarse crackles and a wheeze. Abdominal distension CT: Large tumour involving The right side of the abdomen Mature renal teratoma and a synchronous malignant neuroepithelial tumour of the ipsilateral adrenal gland
Otani et al., 2001 [11]  Left kidney 6 years Male Mass of a left side abdominal CT: Multiple cystic masses Keratinizing squamous epithelium with hair follicles, shafts and sebaceous glands. atrophy of the adjacent renal parenchyma, with partially dysplastic and angiomyolipoma
Yoo et al., [12]  Left kidney 30 years Female Abdominal pain, no carcinoid syndrome CT: Dense calcification with minimal contrast enhancement Mucinous columnar epithelium, smooth muscle, mature bone
Yaqoob et al., [13]  Left kidney 2 months Female Firm mass on left side of the abdomen, which was crossing to the right side as well X-ray : soft tissue mass with areas of calcification Ultrasound : complex mass partly cystic and partly solid Cystic spaces lined by keratinizing stratified squamous epithelium with skin adnexae
Kim et al., [14]  Right kidney 39 years Female Asymptomatic, incidental renal mass, no carcinoid syndrome CT: mass relatively well demarcated and incompletely marginated by a thin hypodense rim with globular calcifications Mucinous columnar and Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with occasional cilia, mature bone
Kurzer et al., [15]  Right kidney 58 years Female Asymptomatic, incidental renal mass, no carcinoid syndrome CT: Round mass, smooth, and well marginated, with two solid clumps of calcifications Transitional, colonic, squamous, and nonspecific cuboidal epithelium, mature adipose, focal osseous metaplasia
Choi et al., [16]  Right kidney 4 years Female Right-sided abdominal mass US : tumor with intermediate echogenicity and an ovoid, hypoechoic central region Adipose tissue. squamous epithelial with abundant keratinous flakes. pilosebaceous adnexal elements
Ledo et al., [17]  Left kidney 4 months Male Left -sided abdominal mass CT: Heterogeneous tumor, amorphous calcifications Mature teratoma
Kyoko et al., [18]  Right kidney 6 days Female Hard mass of 6 × 6 cm in diameter, in the right upper abdomen CT: mass containing low-density areas from the isthmus to the right lower pole of a horseshoe kidney Mature tissu contained neuroepithelial components
Henry B Armah et al., [19]  Right kidney 35 years Female Right flank pain, right costovertebral angle tenderness, no carcinoid syndrome CT: Exophytic, round, well-circumscribed mildly complex hypodense with globular calcifications Urothelial-type and colonic epithelium,focal mature bone
Madhumita et al., [20]  Right kidney 1 month Male Mass in the right side of theabdomen since birth CT: soft tissue density mass with fat and fluid components arising from the right kidney. Multiple calcifications duplication of the cecum and Appendix Mature benign teratoma
Current case  Left kidney 6 months Female Abdominal distension and pain US: pelvic left kidney measuring 18 cms in diameter with an important expansion of the excretory cavities and internal cystic and solid changes CT: mass containing low-density areas of the left kidney keratinizing stratified squamous epithelium with skin adnexae, cartilage, mucinous columnar epithelium,bone, melanin containing cells and neuroglial cells with occasional foci of immature neuroectodermal tissue
  1. IVU IntraVenous Urography, CT Computed tomography, US ultrasonography.