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Table 1 Top 20 biomarkers in the GEP-HN-LS test classification algorithm

From: A gene expression profile test to resolve head & neck squamous versus lung squamous cancers

Marker rank Probeset ID Gene symbol Gene name Tissue type with higher expression levels
1 218835_at* SFTPA2 surfactant protein A2 Lung
2 209810_at* SFTPB surfactant protein B Lung
3 37004_at* SFTPB surfactant protein B Lung
4 214387_x_at* SFTPC surfactant protein C Lung
5 211735_x_at* SFTPC surfactant protein C Lung
6 211024_s_at* NKX2-1 NK2 homeobox 1 (TTF-1) Lung
7 205927_s_at CTSE cathepsin E Lung
8 205654_at C4BPA complement component 4 binding protein, alpha Lung
9 209351_at KRT14 keratin 14 Head & Neck
10 205916_at S100A7 S100 calcium binding protein A7 Head & Neck
11 205778_at KLK7 kallikrein-related peptidase 7 Head & Neck
12 211538_s_at HSPA2 heat shock 70 kDa protein 2 Head & Neck
13 206697_s_at HP haptoglobin Lung
14 209616_s_at CES1 carboxylesterase 1 Lung
15 211429_s_at SERPINA1 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 1 Lung
16 213553_x_at APOC1 apolipoprotein C-I Lung
17 204424_s_at LMO3 LIM domain only 3 (rhombotin-like 2) Lung
18 206008_at TGM1 transglutaminase 1 (K polypeptide epidermal type I, protein-glutamine-gamma-glutamyltransferase) Head & Neck
19 218644_at PLEK2 pleckstrin 2 Head & Neck
20 202017_at EPHX1 epoxide hydrolase 1, microsomal (xenobiotic) Lung
  1. *Known to have a role in lung biology.