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Figure 1

From: Neutrophil depletion in the early inflammatory phase delayed cutaneous wound healing in older rats: improvements due to the use of un-denatured camel whey protein

Figure 1

Wound closure rate, morphometric indices and oxidative stress. A: Percentage of wound closure rate in control (AD), aged (SN) and aged rats supplemented with WP (SNWP). B: Representative external photograph showing wounds in the different groups at the second and sixth days after wounding. Wound contraction is obvious in the SNWP animals at the second day after wounding. C: Morphometric indices of the wounds from three different groups for eight days following wounding. D: Glutathione and MDA levels in different groups two days after wounding. Results of the four and eight days were approximately the same of two days (data not shown). Lower is the TNF-α levels in different groups. Values shown are means ± SD. *shows the significance in comparison with the control group. # shows the significance in comparison with the older group.

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