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Table 2 Patients with tumors at the site of metal implants

From: Low-grade myxofibrosarcoma following a metal implantation in femur: a case report

Reference Year Age (y) at implant/sex Implant site Implant material Tumor type Latent period (y)
McDougall A[23] 1956 12/M Humerus Stainless steel plate (FeCrNi) and screws (FeCr) Ewing’s sarcoma 30
Delgado ER[24] 1958 37/M Tibia Eggers’ plate and screws Osteosarcoma 3
Dube VE et al.[25] 1972 58/M Tibia Steel plate and screws Hemangioendothelioma 26
Tayton KJ[26] 1980 4/F Femur Sherman plate (CoCrMo) and screws Ewing’s sarcoma 7
McDonald I[27] 1981 31/M Tibia Sherman plate (CoCrMo) and screws Histiocytic lymphoma 17
Penman HG et al.[28] 1984 75/F Hip Cobalt-chrome prosthesis Osteosarcoma 16
Bagó-Granell J et al.[29] 1984 75/F Hip Charnley-Müller prosthesis Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 2
Swann M[30] 1984 63/M Hip McKee-Farrar prosthesis (CoCrMo) Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 3
Weber PC[31] 1986 76/F Knee CoCrMo prosthesis Epitheliod sarcoma 4.5
Hughes AW et al.[32] 1987 14/M Femur Sherman screw (CoCr) Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 29
Haag M et al.[33] 1989 69/F Hip Weber-Huggler prosthesis Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 14
Ward JJ et al.[35] 1990 65/F Femur Smith-Petersen nail Osteosarcoma 9
Khurana JS et al.[36] 1991 25/M Femur Hansen Street intramedullary nail Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 14
Gatti GM et al.[37] 1999 37/M Femur Stainless steel implant Rhabdomyosarcoma 11
Hinarejos P et al.[38] 2000 28/M Tibia Stainless steel plate and screws Fibrosarcoma 30
Adams JE et al.[39] 2003 63/M Hip Titanium and cobalt alloy prosthesis Osteosarcoma 3
Albert A et al.[40] 2009 75/F Knee Insall Burstein prosthesis Angiosarcoma 10
Palraj B et al.[41] 2010 70/M Tibia Stainless steel plate and screws Anaplastic large T-cell lymphoma 7
Dorrestijn O et al.[42] 2011 58/M Femur Unreamed intramedullary nail Osteosarcoma 2