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Figure 3

From: Valsartan blocks thrombospondin/transforming growth factor/Smads to inhibit aortic remodeling in diabetic rats

Figure 3

Immunohistochemistry of protein content of components in the TSP1-mediated TGFβ1/Smads signaling pathway in aortas. Staining for TSP1, A-TGFβ1, L-TGFβ1, TβRII, and p-Smad2/3 in aortic medial layer of control, diabetic and valsartan aortas and quantification (bottom). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001. Abbreviations: A-TGFβ1, active transforming growth factor β1; L-TGFβ1, latent transforming growth factor β1; p-Smad2/3, phosphorylated Smad2/3; TβRII, TGFβ type II receptor; TSP1, thrombospondin 1.

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