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Table 1 Basic clinicopathological characteristics of studied primary ColoRectal Cancer cases included in statistical analysis

From: Decreased functional activity of multidrug resistance protein in primary colorectal cancer

  CRC = 73 Average age Mucosa = 11
Males 39 65,2 7
Females 34 68,6 4
Right colon:20 Coecum:12 Ascendens:8  
Left colon:53 Descendens:7 Sigma:17 Rectum:29
Grade Grade I:9 Grade II:53 Grade III:11
T1:5 T2:20 T3:36 T4:12
TNM Stage I:22 TNM Stage II:21 TNM Stage III:11 TNM Stage IV:19
T1N0M0:4 T1N0M1:1 T2N0M0:18 T2N1M0:2
T3N0M0:18 T3N0M1:3 T3N1M0:9 T3N1M1:6
T4N0M0:3 T4N1M1:9   
  1. pTNM version 6 was used during data collection. (CRC: Colorectal Cancer; pTNM: pathological TNM-stratifictaion).